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The company «RASNA INVESTMENT GROUP» specializes in the design and construction of natural wooden houses:

  • Handmade round log, halved timber, post & beam homes
  • Frame houses
  • Square-sawn timber cabins
  • Any kind of houses, buildings and wooden constructions

Our professional experience allows us to offer many solutions for the design and construction of ecological houses and their annexes of any complexity.

We have our own manufacturing base, adapted for the production of wooden houses of any complexity and any size.

Our experience with leading forest bases enables us to also engage in the export of round logs of any species, edging boards, lumber and other wood derivatives. We also export other wooden semi-finished products made of pine, spruce, larch and other species of conifers and deciduous trees.

Over the past 5 years, we have supplied high quality raw materials for wood processing companies in Europe:

  • valuable species (Siberian cedar, the Karelian birch)

  • hardwoods (oak and ash)

  • deciduous (aspen and linden)