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Log hotel buildings

  • 3D Project Design of 2-storey log house
  • 3D Project Design of administrative log house
  • 3D Project Design of hotel log house
  • Log house plan
  • Log house 3D groundfloor plan
  • Log house 3D groundfloor plan with construction detailes
  • Log Cabin Plan
  • Logs preparation
  • Cedar pine logs of big diameter
  • Debarking
  • Log Cabin Frame construction
  • General view
  • Detailes of log cabin connections
  • Log Cabin
  • Detailes of log cabin connections
  • Wooden Connections
  • Detailes of log cabin construction
  • Log Cabin Frame

All the houses are hand crafted out of siberian cedar wood logs. All projects available on our website have been designed to meet specific customer’s requirements and needs. If you like any particular project, you can place an order with our company.

This project was developed for the French Construction company and is located in Africa. 

Positive qualities of wood include its low thermal conductivity, relatively high mechanical strength, resistance to salts, acids and oil, and the ease of processing. The wood "breathes", and thus is capable of self-regulation, well dispersed with protective solutions, acquiring high resistance to decay. Natural drawing and painting featuring different colors and shades from wood of different breeds, allow us to consider wood products as a valuable material for finishing and highly artistic works in any type of constructions- administrative or living. 

Wood handles all loads that arise in the design of the house in general. The type of wood that is used in the manufacture of trusses, beams, purlins, rafters, struts, and logs is Cedar Pine.