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Lumber and Timber houses production

The person who decides to build his own house must first make a decision: which material will be used for construction. Of course, stone and brick buildings are characterized by their strength and durability, but many prefer to build wooden houses. The main advantage of a wooden house is that wood is a living material, which has energy, a positive effect on health and well being of people living in the house. Even felled tree continued to breathe, radiate heat energy, improve the tone of life, protecting people from harmful excesses of modern civilization. Hence, wood can build anything: house, temple, fortress, bungalow, chalet, any out buildings.

Wood is the best material nature has to offer. Nevertheless, it does not mean that you will have the most energy-efficient house just by increasing the thickness of the walls. Like with every other type of house you have to consider the insulation norms for floors, ceilings and roof, use the right kind of doors and windows, etc. Furthermore, when you add a knowledgeable builder to your project you will have a well insulated, energy-efficient, healthy and cozy house.

What factors other than those listed above, speak in favor of wooden houses?

- Ergonomics: house made of wood can be warmed up in just a few hours.

- Health benefits: the air in the wooden house is more intensive exchange, including through the pores of the wood itself. Wooden houses "breathe".

Wood is the perfect building material due to its wonderful technology, performance, and low thermal conductivity. Over the centuries, society has accumulated a great variety of wood processing techniques and methods of construction of buildings using wood. But to this day, the search for the "ideal" wooden house is a search that has at its core an optimal combination of ancient techniques and modern building technology. For wooden houses today, it is not only a traditional log cabin, but the construction of which has incorporated all the achievements of advanced technology construction industry.

Production stage: wooden building project from 0 to 100%:

Design of the Project

1. Idea and Design of the Project

Production of wooden parts of the project

2. Production of wooden parts of the project

Installation of foundation

3. Installation of the house frame of foundation

Log house

4. Building log cabin

Installation of ceiling

5. Installation of ceiling

Installation of roof

6. Installation of roof

Woodworking protective drugs

7. Woodworking protective drugs

Installation of windows and doors

8. Installation of windows and doors

Engineering networks and systems

9. Engineering networks and systems installation

Finishing works: flooring, binding ceilings, insulation and soundproofing

10. Finishing works: flooring, binding ceilings, insulation and soundproofing