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Why to choose a wooden house?


Russian wooden housing construction is known from time immemorial and for now did not lose former popularity, but also gained new power and strength. In Russia, as well as in Europe most of quite wealthy people often make their choice for wooden houses in recent years.


Log cabins and wooden buildings have several advantages:

Aesthetic properties of the wooden house.
The wooden house made of the round tree logs will perfectly fit into any landscape and will create unique feeling of the complete harmony with the surrounding world, will fill your heart with light, pleasure and joy of living.

Durability of the wooden house is caused by the use of the modern environmentally friendly compositions
So the wood does not give any burning or rotting, or influence of an ultra-violet radiation, keeping the original appearance and bringing joy to their owners for many years. We use only manually fitted logs as the structural material. A striking example of longevity and durability of handmade log houses is the Karelian miracle – the island of Kizhi on Onega Lake with its magnificent exemplars of wooden architecture.

Care about Ecology.
It is no secret that the vast number of structural materials production, for example cement, is extremely harmful for ecosystem. Ordering the wooden house makes one sure of lack of harmful emissions in a surrounding during the manufacturing process. And every cut tree that is used for construction is replaсed by the roots for the woods rejuvenation.

Hygienic properties
Wood is the unique structural material that has the ability "to breathe" and provides continuous air circulation in the house with heat preservation. In a wooden house you will always breathe clean, oxygen-enriched air. Softwoods, which wooden houses are usually made of, has also medicinal properties and restores not only your physical health but also energy.

To live in wooden home is not only comfortable, but also prestigious. Handmade house points to the social status of a family. Modern woodworking technologies, use of the latest types of ecological heaters and constructional materials, competent computer projection made the wooden house construction more than up to date. Wooden family cottages, representative residences, recreations, restaurants, expensive mountain resort hotels are build in prestigious location areas of economically developing countries. The wooden house is associated with magnificent taste of its owner, his care about health of the family and striving to ecological situation improvement.

Originality of the interior
The wooden house interior amazes with beauty and functionality, pleases one for many years with unique tree fiber patterns, soft natural shades, a close formation of logs, skin tight to each other so pleasant to an eye. The wooden house creates huge opportunities for interesting interiors creation. The inhabitant of wooden log house can always have a good rest from bustle of megalopolises, the work stresses. In the very moment one looks at open fire, water movement and beauty of the woods -he relaxes.Therefore humanity tries to move warmth and healing power of pine or cedar forest into the beauty of Log Home. But if desired, the walls of a wooden house may be finished with drywall, tile, glass and other materials.

Thermal insulation properties
Let's compare brick and log cabin. In order to maintain normal humidity and temperature conditions in a brick house, it has to be constantly heated and ventilated. Leaving brick house for winter, in spring you'll have to heat it for a long time before it warms up. House, made of wood warms up in a few hours.

Reduced amount of finishing work, and lower total cost of construction
Natural beauty of the wooden house both from inside and outside allows not only to bring joy to owners, but to save essential funds that would have to be spent on internal and external walls finishing as in the case of the stone house construction. Practice shows that the expenses on of the stone house decoration can make up to 20% of estimated cost of an object. Wooden houses construction time is shortened due to the formation of competent production chain of the log cabin. Depending on the complexity of the construction project wall erection can be finished in 2 weeks.

Conclusion: The wooden house is the best solution for individual home construction.

WoodRuss is ready to offer all advantages of the wooden house for your cozy comfort!