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Wooden homes - Log cabins - Timber frame houses

WoodRuss is the professional in the development of unique building projects made of precious wood.

Our company prepares legally required quantity of round timber, gently transports, stores well and uses it sparingly. Our specialists have years of experience working with wood and are ready to implement projects of almost any complexity. We have our own manufacturing base, adapted for the production of wooden houses of different complexity and sizes. Wooden log houses made of Siberian cedar, larch, cedar pine, upland pine of any size and configuration: log cabins, bathhouses, timber frame houses, wooden сhalets, bungalows and cottages made of round logs with a diameter starting from 18 cm.

We guarantee the maximum level of comfort and quality in a warm and environmentally safe house.

We love and understand wood, strictly observe all technological requirements of wooden traditional and modern architecture. Our motto - individual approach to the design, manufacturing and construction of wooden log houses made for happiness and health with the touch of a human hand.

Our experience with leading forest bases enables us to be engaged in the export of round log kits of any type and size. We also export other wooden semi-finished products made of pine, spruce, larch and other species of conifers and deciduous trees.


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